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Looking to outsource your PICC service or education?


Please contact us for additional information concerning In/Out Patient Nursing Services and/or Education relating to our programs specializing in Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters or for any questions you may have to:

Vascular Access Management
PO Box 646
Bloomingburg, NY 12721

Please include "Inquiry" in the subject heading of your e-mail.

What Can You Expect When Contracting VAM?

Contracting services with VAM is simple and can be complete in as little time as a day.

1. Once services are requested a contract and price list will be sent directly to you via email. A letter requesting services can expedite the process for same day or next day service.

2. Insurance certificate will be provided.

3. Credentialing and employee health for nurses will be submitted and will include; license, verification from the office of professional, back ground check, insurance certificate, health history and competencies.

And now we are ready to provide your patient with reliable intravenous access. All supplies needed can be provided by VAM. Now you have an expert PICC Nurse with no investment.

Go Purple! Become PICC Nurses!


Join the family!

As we continue to expand and as our territory increases, there is a need to train and employ registered nurses in this exciting and fulfilling nursing specialty.

If you are a licensed nurse and in good standing with the state of New York.

If you are certified and experienced in PICC line insertions and wish to further your PICC line nursing practice.

If you are motivated, responsible, detail orientated.

If your practice is based upon clinically excellent standards.

If you are willing to learn, train, providing your best effort to details and to your practice.

If you are looking for a nursing specialty that truly enhances patients' well being - Then contact us about becoming a VAM PICC Nurse.

Email your resume and cover letter to us at: Vascular Access Management

Please include "Personnel" in the subject heading of your e-mail.