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Benefits of Out Sourcing PICC Placements to Nursing Based Services


A nursing based PICC service is perhaps the most cost-effective and efficient model for PICC care in the future. Already, there are several venous access care teams across the country working exclusively with all types of intravenous access. Additionally, some nursing teams have more effectively established PICC insertion practices to exclusively place, care and educate for all matters relating to PICCs. Whether hospital based or as an outsourced service, there are several reasons why.

First, with the rising number of patients with home based PICCs, nursing teams are best equipped to deal with home visits and maintain community support. This is crucial to the success of any home based program.

Second, nurses are particularly well-trained to deliver the high levels of cleanliness and aseptic techniques in their units or patient homes that minimize infection rate. In comparison, medical residents and staff doctors in hospitals often run from one unit to another acting as excellent agents exposing other patients to various infective bacteria.

Third, if PICC care packages are outsourced to integrated nursing services, billing costs would be significantly lower as they would provide a continuous package of insertion, maintenance and ongoing therapy, rather than disperse billing into various groups of professional services which add to billing costs, time and labour.

Fourth, there is potential for enhanced working relationships. Current workloads of medical staff in busy hospitals may result in requests for PICC placements to radiology or anaesthetic departments. Often busy areas, PICCs could be postponed or completely rescheduled due to more urgent procedures which may take precedence. Typically, many areas must function as a cohesive unit to complete such a procedure and include transport, nursing as well as radiology departments and personnel. Difficulties in scheduling often lead to conflicts among those areas and potentially result in poor relationships between them.

Finally, but perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing is expertise, patient satisfaction and cost effectiveness. A dedicated PICC insertion nursing team is no different than any specialist. Knowledge, experience and understanding are all centered on one subject. As that is their speciality, they are experts at it. Those that may be classified as difficult or impossible patients to cannulate are routinely cared for by them; those situations are not the exception. Additionally, since being proficient at placement, patients are cannulated in shorter time, with less discomfort, and with technique that results in fewer complications. For the institution, by freeing interventional radiology, they are able to complete other procedures that may be more cost effective.


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