“PCCS Line Nursing is a healthcare facility with trained and experienced VAM nurses. The VAM nurses have the expertise required to insert PICCs, including their care and maintenance needs.”

“Vascular Access Management is fully dedicated to providing highly skilled clinicians whose sole responsibility is the expert insertion and maintenance of vascular access devices, resulting in high proficiency and accuracy, thereby maximizing treatment benefits and increasing patient satisfaction as well as reducing length of hospitalizations, operations costs and complication risks.”

Our Field OF expertise

The nurses of Vascular Access Management “VAM” are experts at inserting PICCs as well as their care and maintenance. It is, simply, our one and only specialty. Historically community hospitals trained nurses to insert PICC lines in addition to maintaining daily responsibilities.

PICC lines are all we do for multiple facilities. This allows each nurse to place several lines producing our exceptional accuracy rate.

Additionally a patient can be discharged with a PICC line in place and can be used for long term treatment, up to approximately one year with proper care and maintenance. Once identified and the PICC is inserted, case management is able to expedite discharge via home care or nearby infusion centers….

"The healthcare facility has many nurses attending to the different patient care needs and behavior. Since I began seeking nursing care in this facility, there’s no room for looking back. I enjoy quality yet affordable nursing care services".
Jane Wonder
"What more could I ever ask for than a team of professionals dedicated to their work every single day. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment with PCCS Line Nursing, there’s no room for looking back" .
Henrieta P
"The healthcare facility has knowledgeable staff with enough experience to offer affordable yet quality care services. You’ll never go wrong with PCCS Line Nursing for your healthcare needs".