Long Term Treatment

Additionally a patient can be discharged with a PICC line in place and can be used for long term treatment, up to approximately one year with proper care and maintenance. Once identified and the PICC is inserted, case management is able to expedite discharge via home care or nearby infusion centers.

Whether discharged home for therapy or to decrease delay in treatment in the facility by providing a reliable infusion device, early discharge increases revenue. By decreasing length of stay, besides the benefit of increased profit, there is also a decreased risk for nosocomial infections. Patient satisfaction can be measured by a faster response to treatment, decreased length of stay, and elimination of multiple sticks for IV access and blood work which both ultimately translate to less pain and discomfort.

Nursing time is also maximized with PICC lines by eliminating the necessity of restarting IVs due to their duration and/or complications. Full and maximal use of the facilities provisions and staff are enhanced.